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First aid: Dealing with Bleeding

When you come across someone who is bleeding heavily, follow these steps:

1. Cut or remove any clothing that may be covering the wound. If there is an object in the wound, leave it alone. It may be helping to block the blood from spilling out.

2. Apply pressure to the wound. Your job is to try and stop the blood escaping from the person’s body. Use whatever clean material is available to stop or slow down the flow of blood, such as a towel, clothing or a facecloth. The pressure encourages the blood to clot which will eventually stop the bleeding.

3. Raise and support the affected area so that it is above the heart. This helps to slow down the bleeding.

4. If blood leaks through the material, leave it there and cover it with more clean material.

5. Call 999 as soon as possible or get someone to do it for you. Keep the pressure on the wound until help arrives.

Severe bleeding can lead to shock and loss of consciousness. Monitor the person’s breathing to make sure they stay conscious. If they lose consciousness, perform CPR as you would for someone who is unconscious.

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